Torre Squillace

Via Francesco Cilea, 73010 Porto Cesareo LE

Torre Squillace

Torre Squillace is located in the village with the same name, just over 50 metres from the sea and at an altitude of one metre. It is in a good state of preservation and is still being restored.

Torre Squillace is also called "Li Scianuri", a term that probably derives from the "scilla", a wild onion typical of the area. It communicates with Torre Sant'Isidoro to the south and with Torre Cesarea to the north.


Towards the end of the 16th century, the city of Nardò began to build several public, private, civil and religious buildings. Many farms were built, especially in the Arneo area. The tranquility, however, was troubled by the continued attacks of Corsairs and Turks.

For this reason it was necessary to increase the number of towers along the coast. Vincenzo and Angelo Spalletta from Nardò, respectively father and son, built several square towers, the so-called 'Nardò series' towers. Torre Squillace was completed in 1570 by Pensino Tarantino from Copertino.