Bike Tour

Outdoor enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice!

A bike tour is a very pleasant experience to enjoy with your friends, family, children but even alone to make new acquaintances!

Porto Selvaggio - Among vineyards and farms - Secret gardens by bicycle in the municipality of Nardò


a naturalistic bike tour in the heart of the "Porto Selvaggio and Palude del Capitano" park, among Torre Nova Farm, Tafuri Villa and Dell'Alto Tower, with spectacular views of the landscape and the most beautiful beaches in Italy – ON MONDAY


a bike tour where you can admire the scenic and historical beauty. The bike route will pass through rural structures such as the fortified farms, the so-called furnieddhri (ancient peasant houses made of dry-stone walls) and the circular pigeon towers. The rocks and the stones will tell you the history of our roots. – ON WEDNESDAY


a bike tour through the centuries-old olive trees and the old villas in Cenate district (municipality of Nardò). Along this route, the landscape is intertwined with rural architecture.

Cycling softly, along minor roads, we will trace the echo of ancient luxuries and the contemporary way of understanding tourism – ON FRIDAY

BOOKING IS REQUIRED: within the day before at 349.3788738 (Phone only) and 346.0974529 (WhatsApp only). 

COST: € 20 per person, minimum 5 participants, discounts for families with children. 

TIMETABLE: Departure: 5 p.m. - Arrival: 7 p.m. (June)

Departure: 5.30 p.m. - Arrival: 7.30 p.m. (until 9 August)

Departure: 5 p.m. - Arrival: 7 p.m. (from 10 to 30 August)

Departure: 4 p.m. - Arrival: 6 p.m. (September)

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