Sweet and sour Arneo area

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The Arneo is a vast flat area that has changed over time. It was a land of struggles and insurrections.

The typical Mediterranean scrub was an excellent hiding place for brigands, but today it is only visible in a few areas. The Arneo area is characterized by quadrangular coastal towers and mighty farms, built for defending Salento territory. A land of contrasts where the peasant struggles have never stopped.

The Arneo is also a very rich resource for the neighboring municipalities. New generations of farmers work with passion producing vegetables, legumes and fruit all year round. The farms are used for the production of tasty dairy products and typical cheeses, such as Pecorino, Marzotica, Ricotta, Giuncata and Caciocavallo of Arneo.

This wide area covers a huge territory: the north of Nardò city and it runs along the Ionian coast till the province of Taranto and it lends itself to itineraries and workshops for the rediscovery of events, places and flavors between tradition and modernity.

By car, by bicycle or on foot, it is possible to visit interesting farms located along the roads leading towards the Porto Selvaggio Park and up to the promontory of Serra Cicora (breathtaking site between Porto Selvaggio Park and Captain’s marsh).
The heart of the Arneo territory is historically located in the areas adjacent to Villaggio Boncore (hamlet of Nardò - about 20 km from the city center). In the surrounding countryside there are the 'ghost villages' (some still with few inhabitants) of Case Arse and Santa Chiara.

Itinerary full day or two days

Points of interest:

  • Ancient farmhouses that later became farms and gave their names to the districts: Carignano, Brusca, Bellimento, Torsano, Corsano, Rotogaleta, Vico, Giudice Giorgio, Donna Menga etc.
  • Rural villages: Resta, Boncore, Case Arse, Santa Chiara. Farms and pastoral farms.

Activities that can be carried out: visits to masserias and farms, minitrekking, cycling routes, taste workshops etc.