Legumi in festa” (it’s the celebration of the legumes typical of Salento: broad beans, chickpeas, beans, lentils, etc) is part of the “It's autumn, discover Nardò” calendar, the programme drawn up by city administration with guided tours, cultural events that generally begin in October until All Saints' Day. An event that celebrates the Arneo’s territory with several dialogues, shows, markets and tastings.

It was organized in 2016 by the Verdesalis social association to promote the gastronomic tradition of the Arneo’s territory, and supported by the Nardò Municipality's Department of Productive Activities, with the patronage of the Presidency of the Puglia Regional Council and Gal Terra d'Arneo.

Over the years, Legumi in Festa has become a valuable opportunity to explore topics such as the environment, agro-ecology, biodiversity, food and natural agriculture. The latest edition, in 2019, was dedicated to the "guardians of the environment": farmers, breeders, beekeepers and those who work in contact with nature.

The importance of Legumi in festa - explains the Councillor for Agriculture Giulia Puglia - "derives first and foremost from the extraordinary value of legumes: they are environmentally resistant crops, contributing to the health of the soil, creating better growing conditions for other crops and, above all, they are foods with a high nutritional content. It is also an opportunity to talk about agriculture and food in general, but also about the environment, topical issues that engage us in daily reflection. It is natural for us to support an event that talks about food, but which also goes much further".