The sea of Santa Caterina and of the natural park of Porto Selvaggio will be the framework of Raduno nazionale Santa Caterina in kayak scheduled on Sunday 18th and Monday 19th July thanks to an initiative organized by Circolo Nautico La Lampara, Ckcs - Canoa Kayak Club Salento and Circolo Nautico La Vela, with the support of Puglia Region and Municipality of Nardò.

It will be a two-day of excursions and sailing technics trainings that will gather those who are passionate about this particular discipline around the Ionian sea. The meeting program establishes that on Sunday 18th July who wants to take part in the event has to register at Circolo nautico La Lampara in Santa Caterina, where they will offer breakfast before a quick briefing. At 10am the excursion will start from Santa Caterina small port and will go on for 7 miles in the natural Park of Porto Selvaggio sea. They will sail towards the North area until Serra Cicora, then back again in Porto Selvaggio for bathing and a refreshment break handled by the organization itself. At around 5.30pm, when they will return, an ice cream at Al Porticciolo and spaghetti dinner always run by Circolo nautico La Vela.

On Monday 19th July the meeting will be at 9.30am in Santa Caterina for a practice of navigation and rescue techniques led by federal technicians and a brief excursion across Santa Maria al Bagno, the Montagna Spaccata and Conchiglie beach, at 2pm they will come back in Santa Caterina where an aperitif is scheduled, offered by Circolo nautico La Lampara.

The event ”, says Mimmo Falco, president of Circolo nautico La Lampara, “confirms the passion the coast of Nardò has towards offshore sports and it can be the stimulus for the development of the territory”. “This gathering will be a great party at the sea", says Piero Cantisani , president of Ckcs - Canoa Kayak Club Salento, "canoeing and kayaking are ecological sports in full harmony with the marine environment that fits the needs of an extraordinary park area like the one of Porto Selvaggio". "Through eco-sustainable sports like these", explains Roberto Vaglio , president of the Sailing Club, "we want to give a message of environmental and marine ecosystems preservation, for the promotion of an eco-sustainable tourism model to experience the territory in all its peculiarities".

The event takes place under the aegis of the national sports federations Fict, Fick and Asc. The registration fee of 10 euros will be entirely donated to the canteen of the diocesan Caritas of the Diocese of Nardò-Gallipoli.

For further information please contact the following telephone numbers by means of Whatsapp: 338/1569665 (Marco), 347/1701360 (Sergio) e 388/5899419 (Alessandro).

Info: Roberto Guido 335/7326901