Nardò, with its beautiful marinas, historic squares, ancient buildings and fascinating farms
has been chosen as the set of several films and fictions, including:

Films shot in Nardò

The miniseries was shot in October 2019 in Nardò and in different areas of Salento (Santa Maria, Santa Caterina, Porto Selvaggio and Lecce) - in collaboration with Apulia Film Commission - in Rome and Spain. It’s the result of an Italian-Spanish co-production (Picomedia, Triana Media Film and Rai Fiction), directed by Alessandro Angelini.

It consists of eight episodes, to be aired on Rai1 in November 2020 during four evenings. The miniseries is taken from the homonymous book by Gianfranco Franciosi and Federico Ruffo and is inspired by real events. The main actors are: Beppe Fiorello, Claudia Pandolfi and Nicole Grimaudo.