Torre Sant'Isidoro

Via Litoranea Sant Isidoro, 73048 Nardò LE

Torre Sant'Isidoro

Torre Sant’Isidoro is located in the town with the same name in the municipality of Nardò, less than 50 metres from the sea and at an altitude of 3 metres.

The tower communicates to the south with Torre Inserraglio and to the north with Torre Squillace.


Torre Sant'Isidoro was rebuilt from the foundations in 1622. The reconstruction work was awarded to Giovanni Vincenzo Spalletta from Nardò, who entrusted its execution to his fellow citizens: Ortensio Pugliese, Giovanni Francesco Mergula and Francesco Antonio Pugliese. They completed the work in 1624.

The tower appears in all ancient cartography. In 1825 it was in a poor state and then abandoned.