Via Don Minzoni, 73048, Nardò, LE

Family plots, glories and succession are hidden inside the historic buildings, witnesses of ancient splendor and important deeds.

A guided tour will enrich you with information and curiosities, info:

Noble palace

Sambiasi-Della Porta Palace is located in the ancient neighborhood San Salvatore, part of its façade is situated on Don Minzoni street and its sides on Lata street.

It is one of the most important palaces of Nardò.

The palace has a vertical development on three levels and stands out for its height compared to the other buildings nearby.

It was built around the 15th century by the Sambiasi family and a remainder of the palace was bought by Della Porta family.  The presence of numerous large rooms suggests that the palace was used as a centre for studies, congress activities, public meetings and schools. Today is a property of Pellegrino family.