Via Duomo, 30 73048 Nardò LE

Family plots, glories and succession are hidden inside the historic buildings, witnesses of ancient splendor and important deeds.

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Noble palace

The Episcopal Seminary was established in 1674 by Bishop Tommaso Brancaccio on the site where the Hospital of St. Anthony stood.

In order to expand the spaces and make them more functional, the Bishop Antonio Sanfelice purchased several private homes and stores. He transformed them by building the entire south side of the Palace and part of the side facing the Cathedral.

Over the years, the Seminary was modified and restored several times. In 1831 the Bishop Salvatore Lettieri began the demolition and reconstruction work of the Episcopio, whose facade was set back to be aligned with the Cathedral. Currently the first floor is used as the residence of the bishop and on the ground floor there are the offices of the Diocesan Curia.