Via Incoronata, 67, 73048 Nardò LE

The church was built in 1599 where there was an ancient cave with a 14th century fresco depicting the Virgin Mary crowned by Jesus. The church is located on the edge of the city of Nardò. The plant has a Latin cross. It is built in blocks of local stone called carparo (kind of tuff stone) and represents a notable example of Giovanni Maria Tarantino’s style, a well-known architect from Nardò.

Next to the Church is a convent, which was entrusted in 1634 to the Augustinian Order, who occupied it until the early 19th century. For a long time in the last century, the Church was closed and then subjected to consolidation and restoration work. In 2016, the church was reopened to the visitors.

The church is easily reachable, it is located on a country road that leads to Nardò’s coastline.