Via Sambiasi, 28, 73048 Nardò LE

The Church was built in the 18th century by the will of the noble bishop Antonio Sanfelice, as a part of the construction of the adjoining “Conservatorio di Maria della Purità”, which began as an institute for the education of young women at risk of deviance. The church is one of the few surviving religious buildings designed by the architect Ferdinando Sanfelice, the bishop's brother. It is located at the beginning of Sambiasi street, in the historic center of Nardò.

The façade, of Borrominian inspiration, is modulated by the alternation of concave and convex surfaces, emphasized by moldings and there are many decorative elements inspired by the Neapolitan repertory of the period. The interior develops on a Greek cross plan, with very short arms, highlighted by four pilasters. In the central arm there is the main altar in polychrome marble.