Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 4, 73048 Nardò (LE)
Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 4, 73048 Nardò (LE)

Tel: 0833.578826-328.7533459

Our B&B is situated in the old town, in a panoramic and quiet position by popular archeological sites and buildings of great architectural value. "Palazzo Osanna" is a place of prestige, where sounds and emotions of the past are revealed: history and comforts of the present merge to provide our guests with the best experience ever.

You will enjoy walking under the lights of the shopping streets and be mesmerized by our artisans' creations. Around our building, you will explore vital parts of our cultural heritage and various touristic attractions. In particular, our Duomo is located 260 mt away.

This is the perfect location for families that love to travel and want to feel at home, those interested in conventions and business purposes, or for a romantic getaway. All rooms have private bathrooms, besides heated systems, a kitchen, a wide terrace and free wi-fi.